10 years of salaried employment

10 years to "dream" entrepreneurship,

And still nothing.

"Family to feed",

"This is not the right time",

"Still a few months in this job and I'm leaving"

"This work brings me less and less satisfaction, but it is with this that I feed my family"





... No courage,

No balls.

Same for you?

I'm not looking for a job, I'm looking for a meaning. An accomplishment.

A life of which I can be proud. Do what I really like to make a living.

Here I am talking about mindset for bloggers who want to live from their blog.

for employees who want to become independent.

Systems and processes for all. Objectives without process are useless.

Objectives without process are useless.

I’ll talk about my life changing.

How will I go from salaried to independent (or how I will fail ... subscribe to see it)

“Losers have goals, winners have process“  

Scott Adams

No Ninja techniques.

No Cossacks techniques.

Only principles and laws that have always worked

(still work for a longtime)


This is how I work (how I think)

A minimalist approach to things.

I learn, I apply.

It works? I keep and perfect it (= simplify it in 80/20 way).

Not efficient? forget it.

One last thing to know before signing up:

No guru

No religion

No common theories, preconceived ideas

I’m my own disciple

I learn, I apply, I test,

“Don’t question, just do it.“  


I start from zero

I show you how I set up my business

I tell you what I know

And how you can do the same.

What do I want in return?


Let us share our experiences, our opinions, our advice together.

I would be pleased to hear from you.

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For those who want to leave the herd


I’m Jon Leclainche.


Here you can not find a fixed editorial line.

As a human being, I can not confine myself to a single domain.


It’s a personal blog, a lab, a notepad, a logbook.


Beginners or experienced,

All about web-entrepreneurs,


Employees who want to change their lives.


I deal with both blogging and marketing,

sale or mindset,





I’m not a millionaire.


To be honest with you, I am still an employee.

I have long procrastinated,

Give up so many time, so many ideas, blogs, …


It does not matter.

I have gained a lot of experience with these failures.


Today I have a different approach.

I test many things.


A system works?

It’s processed, adapted, duplicated.


You will see that what I give here is very different (sometimes sub-element, sometimes violently) from what you read elsewhere.


Tired of the bleating herd

If I decided to create this blog, it was because I was fed up with always reading the same nonsense …

Tired of seeing beginners drinking common places, common ideas, and banalities, because of “gurus“ who just repeat what they have read elsewhere.


No kidding: how often do you read:

  • “The more traffic you have, the more money you’ll earn”?
  • “To have your business, you have to create your own product”?
  • “Offer a free ebook to get the email address of your visitors”?


And even more specific:

  • Comment on blogs and forums for people to visit your site
  • Optimize your site for Google to gain traffic
  • The video is the best way to sell. Learn how to make videos.
  • Use this theme and plugin. And again this one. And this one. All paying. But they are big. Promised.
  • Write review articles for affiliate products.
  • … and much more.






I could talk about the list of all the banalities that abound on the internet, free or not, for looong time.


They are all one thing in common: they are taken up by a whole herd of bootlickers,

All because a guru wrote it 10 years ago …


Overall, it irritates me more because I have spent colossal sums to acquire these “priceless treasures” that have the enrichment of those who are.

(instead of helping those who used them.)


In 96% of the cases, the crowd was wrong.

Stop following the flock!


My techniques are not revolutionary, nor are they the best …




If I get results,

It is because I don’t act like everyone else.


I do not be all-knowing and my learning is perpetual, so do not be surprised if there are things I do not know.


I will make me enemies among the well-thinking …

It does not matter.


I am at home.

I say what I want.

(Yes, I know,  I’m weird)


And it’s also your home.

If you have constructive remarks, please:


Do not hesitate to write them.


What content are you going to find here?


The frequency of publication will not be regular.


I send all my articles in the form of emails,

Only to my subscribers.


The publications you see on this site is at least 1 month old.


My special offer and new products also are communicated only by e-mail,


The value, the fresh content is ONLY available for my personal contacts.


So if you feel like it, become a contact member: it’s free (for now)