amaze you life (no scam)


All the time I would say

(Especially if you are surrounded by people who are part of the “mentally middle class“)


When you ask people how it’s going

You always get the same kind of response


“I have no complaints“

“It’s ok“

“I’m ok, no choice“


It’s ok

Yes, it could be a method

A kind of magic incantation


Between “I do not have to complain“


“I have an extraordinary life“

There are some walls to cross


But I understand those who answer that

Maybe you say same

Me too. I’d like that previously


It’s not our fault

All the people around us think like that

It’s part of our daily lives

Of our environment


I do not want a life where I do not have to complain

I want an extraordinary life


A little presumptuous you will tell me

Boy, eep your feet firmly on the ground!

You’re weird


You know what?


I’m odd

It’s ok to be weird



every day

I do one more things to amaze my life


I don’t want a Bill Gates life

I dont live a fancy narco capo story

I’m a simple dad

I want an extraordinary life according to my criteria

(freedom, reading, writing, travel, family time, … exuberant level = ZERO (boring))


think about this

What you could do today,

To make your life better?


An insignificant thing,


But will have an impact on your whole life?


It can be insignificant

15 minute walking habit (and enjoy it to record a podcast or a video)

squeezing a fresh juice every morning for you and your family

Read just 5 pages a day of a book that inspires you


I do not know



think about it

And do it


Take action


One of the books that changed my point of view on the world (my world)

>> How to be fucking awesome.

By Dan Meredith


this big bearded copywriter put me a few kicks in the ass with this kindle book


A lot of crazy punchline

Advice from success copywriter (started without a dime)

and especially,


Common sense


Because it is useless to look for tricks to complicate

To develop a perfect plan


Common sense and simplicity,

That’s all you need

(Simplicity does not mean ease,

It’s not easy to simplify things)


Find the book here



See you tomorrow