I screwed up

I screwed up


It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me



How? why I screwed?



What are we going to do here?

What are we going to talk about?




We’ll talk a lot.


I decided to change my life,

Make a living with my ideas,


(I am still employed at the moment)


We will talk about our experiences.



I read




and share all with you


And I would like you to share that kind of stuff.


The goal?

become free,

embrace independent lifestyle

to live my ideas



idea in there is


Rather than admiring success people

Celebrities, entrepreneurs, thinkers, creators, …


Why don’t you even become extraordinary?

(According to your own criteria of course, not to swank).


Align your life with your principles.

accord your standards with your values.




I will not talk to you about self-improvement

(this marketing term that does not mean anything)




My goal is rather to make you think,

moving forward,




Take our conversation topic

Think about it

if it suits you,

According to your values (again)


How implement it,

How improve it


If it works,



if not

We haven’t waste time: we know it doesn’t work

(So we always move forward, anyway)





My problem?




I am a first class wanker

A competitive procrastinator



My solution?

(The theory of my solution.

I’ll put it up with you)




I will send you 1 email per day

(At least 1, sometimes 2 or 3)


It will be a bit like a log book

A diary that I’ll share with you



We will talk about marketing, psychology, mindset, process, krav maga, employee, entrepreneurship, …



I’ve been employed for 10 years (I’m still)

And want to launch business for almost same time


I have accumulated quite a lot of knowledge (except in Krav, I am a yellow belt rookie)




Never taken action …



I’m not here to play the expert,

To swing a Marketing in Your Face

To sell you Cossack techniques that will make you earn $50K overnight



My goal is to earn a living,


I would offer you products and services,




As in my salaried employment,

I prefer to weave a real relationship with you,


No feeling?

It’s better for you and me not to work together





This is for introduction,

Can be a little rough,


Do not hesitate to ask me questions here



Sign up to my personal contacts here if you want to follow this journey


From a remote life to a freedom lifestyle

From a mediocre, average procrastinator to an extraordinary hero (in all modesty)






And classics :











See you