instinctive imperfection

I told you yesterday,

and i’ll tell today again


you start a business,

a blog,

or anything to change your life


You try to make perfect,





you never got perfection
(no one)


You lose self confidence,

You lose your abilities,

And you have nothing left.

your feeling?

You’re a real duffer


Perfection can kill



Do not try to make perfect,

do it



that’s all


by simply doing,

you will perfect your art.


it will become natural,



I’d create you some gift for the days to come.


Checklist, tutorial, template,

Call it as you like,

(I do not know how to call this)



a plan

to write an optimized blog article


grab it here



It already gives you a basis on which to work

a frame


If you write for your blog,

If you feel paralyzed

if it’s been a long time since you produced anything,

Download this plan.


I only ask you one thing (2 in fact)


1, write an article

2, share it with me (I’ll share it too)


Download your mini plan here




See you tomorrow,